The Most Complete and Accurate Business Directory in East Africa

The Infomoby directories in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia are the most accurate (updated in real time) and comprehensive (over 300,000 businesses) in the region.

Why Infomoby?

Infomoby aims to address the wide information gap that exists between businesses and consumers. For example, in a survey done by the firm, over 80% of urban mobile users in Nairobi, Kampala and Addis Ababa have difficulty finding accurate information relating to local businesses. This is despite a rising need for accurate business location and contact information with over 45% of East Africans now searching for products and services online before actually visiting local businesses.

It makes it easier for consumers to find the local services they are looking for in Kenya and we have built a directory which is complete and easy-to-use.

The Most Accurate Business Directories

Every day, the Infomoby team contacts hundreds of businesses and local services to collect, correct or enhance their information in our database. Our field agents have cover thousands of kilometers in Africa meeting with businesses owners and collecting the complete information available. They are supported by our professional call center team which works throughout the year diligently confirming the accuracy of the information we collect.

Every business on Infomoby has successfully been contacted by the InfoMoby team and confirmed that their contact information in our directory was correct at the time of the call. This means you will waste less time trying to get through to the organizations you are trying to reach.

By searching on Infomoby, you are searching the complete local directory in that country.


Infomoby for Businesses

Business owners also have the opportunity to take advantage of the free platform Infomoby provides to reach more people actively looking for their type of services. Business listings are free, although there are advertising options on Infomoby which enable the businesses to get enhanced profiles, sponsored articles and banners at the right places to reach more people, more effectively.