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Introducing Kelvinson Kyalo-Our New Digital Marketing Manager

Kelvinson isn’t just a marketing guru, he’s a digital wizard with a passion for storytelling and a knack for turning clicks into conversions.

Here is his story

Welcome to Africa 118 Inc. Tell us about your Yourself. 

Thank you for the warm welcome! 

I’m Kelvinson Kyalo, a seasoned digital advertising professional with a background in community management, content writing,  digital management, media buying and digital strategy.  I  was a digital strategist at Brisk Marketing before joining Africa 118 as the Digital Acquisition & Fulfilment Manager.

What initially drew you to Africa 118 Inc.’s mission of amplifying African voices online?

Africa 118 Inc.’s mission of amplifying African voices online resonated with me because it aligns with my passion for leveraging digital platforms to showcase the richness and diversity of African perspectives, cultures, and talents.

What unique ingredients do you bring to the table?

My unique blend of experience, from hands-on content creation to strategic planning, positions me to bring a holistic approach to campaign development. I believe in integrating creativity, data-driven insights, and cultural nuances to create compelling digital campaigns.

How will you tap into this diversity to craft campaigns that resonate across borders?

Embracing the diversity of the African online landscape requires understanding the unique cultural, digital penetration, and behavioural aspects of different regions. I plan to collaborate closely with local teams, tapping into their insights to craft campaigns that resonate across borders.

What’s your secret recipe for forging lasting partnerships with clients across Africa?

Building lasting partnerships is about understanding the client’s goals, aligning strategies with their vision, and consistently delivering results. I believe in open communication, transparency, and collaboration to ensure mutual success.

Beyond metrics and algorithms, what’s your ultimate reward in this digital game?

My ultimate reward in this digital game is witnessing the real-world impact of campaigns, whether it’s increased brand awareness, positive social change, or business growth.

What exciting trends do you see transforming the African digital landscape?

Looking into the future, I see immersive technologies, personalised experiences, and increased mobile connectivity transforming the African digital landscape. Brands that embrace these trends will have a significant edge in engaging their audiences.

On work-life balance, what is your hobby outside the digital realm?

Outside the digital realm, I find balance through my passion for photography. Capturing moments allows me to appreciate the beauty of life beyond screens and pixels.

In one sentence, paint a picture of the impact you hope to make at Africa 118 Inc.

I aim to make a lasting impact by amplifying diverse African voices, fostering meaningful connections between brands and audiences, and contributing to the growth and evolution of the digital landscape on the continent.

What is your favourite Quote?

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.

What message do you have for our readers and the businesses we empower?

Embrace the power of digital communication to share your unique stories and connect with your audience. Together, let’s create a digital landscape reflecting Africa’s vibrancy and potential.

To learn more about Africa 118 Inc., visit LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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