Quarter One Highlights
It is always exciting and satisfying to share with you the milestones we continue to reach as a business. Even more humbling is the positive impact these efforts have on the communities where we invest our resources. For example, imagine that our teams have trained in excess of 150,000 business owners, entrepreneurs and students on how they can take advantage of the digital technologies which can help them grow and develop their business enterprises. That's amazing!

Fred Imbo – Business Development & Market Intelligence

1 Million Strong
This quarter has been particularly exciting as we travel on our path to dominance, with 10 Million listings, in Africa. Two years ago, we committed to hit the 1 million listing status over a 3 year period (2016-2018). The team's progress is impressive with the acquisition of an additional 200k POIs in Ethiopia, 150k POIs in South Africa and 250k POIs in Ghana and Nigeria; we expect to reach this goal before our target date.

The team is encouraged by the immense support we continue to receive internally and from our clients, as we strive to reach this goal. We remain true to our vision: Africa‘s information services solution.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this goal.

10 Million Trainees in 5 Years
We continue our partnership in the skills program; Google committed to a 5-year program to train 10 million Africans on digital skills. The goal is designed to be a catalyst for Africa‘s digital transformation. Google will train 10 million, who will then each influence 5 more, which supports their goal of reaching 50 million Africans.

The Africa partners summit in Nairobi this January was a follow-up to Google's commitment. It provided an opportunity to fine tune the implementation and to kick-off this 5-year phase. See pics!

As a key partner of the program, Africa 118 Inc. welcomed this move; it granted us the comfort, and much needed reliability, of a long-term plan and smooth project delivery.

The Faces Behind the Success

In January, we brought together 15 lead trainers/program officers on a weekend retreat at the Great Rift Valley Lodges and Golf Resort in Naivasha to celebrate the achievements, share experiences and strategize for the new year.

Our program officers leave no stone unturned in their quest to make things happen in order to achieve this success! We never missed the opportunity to play hard and work even harder and smarter as part of the team building initiatives.

Partners and Trainers Summit
As part of the commitment to enhance impact and better the program, the trainers and the partners will join together in Jo‘Burg in April. This is one of the key events being implemented for trainers‘ development and capacity building. We wish our representatives all the best in this event.

Make us proud team!