Africa 118, which provides a leading digital marketing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) in Africa, and NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development) partnered to make it easier for Ethiopian businesses to develop an online presence and to market their services to an increasingly mobile audience.  The partnership is offering great opportunities to positively impact 1,000 SME’s, support women-owned businesses, and to create local jobs.

Ethiopian internet usage has grown from 10,000 users to over 16.4 million users from 2000 to 2017, respectively (Source:  Internet World Stats).  According to the Internet Society, “Businesses, across all sectors, can be more productive and efficient by harnessing new technology. At the same time, they gain access to a global marketplace of billions of people and millions of companies, and have the opportunity to attract international investment and join international supply chains (November 12, 2017)”.  By creating, managing, and marketing their online presence, businesses can reach the growing number of consumers using digital platforms and mobile devices.

Infomoby, an Africa 118 company, offers the Digital Starter Pack to SMEs which provides businesses a domain name, a website optimized for mobile, website hosting, search optimized content including photography, and analytics to help manage business marketing initiatives.  The partnership has produced incredible results: 1,000 business received an online presence with the Digital Starter Pack, as well, the partnership created 2,200 jobs.  Additionally, businesses participating in the program reported that 66% of the new jobs were filled by women.  As further evidence of the program’s success, 63% of participating businesses reported that this was their first marketing activity and 86% rated the program “positive” or “very positive.” 

The infomoby team at Africa 118 continues to support these businesses in Ethiopia and looks forward to assisting businesses across the African continent grow their businesses with a stronger digital presence.

“We were very excited by the opportunity to partner with Norad and to serve Ethiopian SMEs” said Ezana Raswork, Managing Director, Africa 118. “We found the results of the pilot program to be compelling. Particularly in specific categories such as Exporters, Tour & Travel, Construction, the SMEs participating in the program found a noticeable improvement in their business from being online and were encouraged to hire more employees.”

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