Good evening, my name is Sheila Helen. I am one of the beneficiaries of Africa 118 training that went down on 2nd September 2018. From the training, i acquired knowledge on Entrepreneurship skills and online Marketing.

I must confess that the application of such knowledge in my day to day life experiences has been so successful and fruitful.

Immediately from the training, i decided to start a business (fashion) where i would go to the market and buy clothes on a wholesale basis then come back in my shop and retail them.

My business has grown to an extend that i have employed two workers on casual basis and have also opened a website where my customers can view, order and buy my products without my physical presence.The website has also broaden my market and so nowadays i have customers from different walks ordering my products just online.

I have also manage to open other social platforms for my business such as;

  1. Whats app
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
I use this platforms to interact one on one with my clients and also to get feedback on both negative and positive challenges concerning my business.

I thank AFRICA 118 for the training,and challenge to continue offering such training for their are people out there who really yearn for such. As for me, i can sincerely say that i have climbed 10 steps higher on the ladder and am no longer where i was before the training.