Early in 2018, Africa 118 signed a contract with the Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA). USSIA is a not-for-profit business association of small scale industrialists in Uganda with a strong membership base of over 1,500 enterprises. This agreement with USSIA provides Africa 118 with a unique opportunity to interact with these business members.

The signing of the contract marks the beginning of many workshop forums with the association in the coming months. We look forward to interacting with the members and presenting our business solutions.

The Partnership Journey 

According to Richard Omunya, Uganda Country Manager, this business relationship started more than a year ago when an account manager in Uganda approached the USSIA team. The communication was on and off until late in 2016 when Richard moved to Uganda and pursued the association with new intention. 

Boniface (our DAM in Uganda) set up the mid-January 2017 introduction meeting for Richard and the journey of this new partnership began. 

From the start, the USSIA team received our communication positively and welcomed our presentations. The Africa 118 team established a business relationship which has grown within the company ranks. Ezana met the Executive Director, Ms. Veronica, as well as the IT/ Operation Officer, Mr. Andrew. Marc B. also enjoyed a positive and enjoyable interaction with the USSIA team. 

So, how did we get to this point? The signing is a culmination of many months of follow up, characterized with some back and forth between our two institutions and in-depth consultations with various stakeholders. At times, it involved reviewing the progress and adjusting to meet their expectation while maintaining our interests. 

The partnership presents two opportunities for Africa 118: 

1. The Opportunity to engage with USSIA at the top level of the association and offer them a unique prime service – “Market Place.” If we deliver a quality product, it will be the first of its kind in Uganda and it will provide a great benefit for Ugandans. 

2. The Opportunity to interact with its membership and offer our Digital Starter Pack and Booster Pack products to businesses interested in independent, top of the marketplace, packages.

 "We look forward to working with the USSIA team as we pursue our mandate of “helping businesses to grow their business.”" - Richard