The Challenge

Online Presence

A bank’s online presence is important because customers rely heavily on online resources to find nearby branches and access crucial information about services and operating hours. However, inconsistent or outdated branch location data creates a frustrating user experience and hinders a bank’s online visibility.


Africa 118 Inc. leveraged its expertise to equip NCBA with a cutting-edge Smart Location Management system. This innovative solution ensured the accuracy and consistency of NCBA’s branch location data across all digital touchpoints, including:

  • Bank Website: Customers could effortlessly locate nearby branches directly on the NCBA website.
  • Mobile App: Accurate mobile data allowed users to find branches on the go.
  • Third-Party Maps: Popular mapping platforms displayed the bank’s precise branch locations.


By implementing the Smart Location Management system, NCBA achieved significant improvements in several key areas:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Users could easily find nearby branches and access crucial details like branch hours, services offered, and contact information.
  • Strengthened Brand Visibility: Consistent and accurate location data across all platforms ensured NCBA’s branches were readily discoverable online.
  • Improved Accessibility: Easy access to branch information empowered users to make informed decisions.


NCBA’s collaboration with Africa 118 Inc. is a good example of how SLM enhances a company’s online visibility. NCBA streamlined customer journeys and strengthened brand presence This case study highlights the importance of leveraging digital expertise to optimize online visibility and foster a positive customer experience.

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