The Challenge

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Telkom KE reached out to us for our contact center services. They required our help to develop their social media management skills for their contact center team. The general feel of the Telkom management was that the agents sounded robot when interacting with the clients.

We put together customized training material to address the specific challenges they were facing. we spread out the training period over 3 months so as to give the team ample time to internalize what they learn, apply it and to help us see the transformation practically

Great Result

The team’s interaction with their clients has become natural and organic. This allows clients to ask questions on Telkom’s social media platforms with the knowledge that they are valued individuals. The conversations are customized and you can evidently pick out certain skills like personalization displayed by the agents. The Turn Around Time and First Interaction Resolution has also improved as a result.


Cups of Coffee


Happy Clients


Projects Finished


Tickets Closed

So What’s Next?

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