The Challenge

Transforming Telkom KE’s Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial requirement of any successful business. Additionally, social media is a key platform for customer interaction globally.

Recognizing this, Telkom KE, a leading Kenyan telecommunications provider, reached out for our expertise in call centre services. Their goal? To develop their contact centre team’s social media management skills.

Telkom KE’s management felt their contact centre agents were delivering a robotic and impersonal experience on social media. This impersonal approach could potentially alienate customers and hinder brand loyalty in Kenya and beyond


We developed a customized training program to address Telkom KE’s challenges. The program focused on building the following key skills:

  • Social media etiquette: Our training addressed proper communication methods and tone for social media interactions.
  • Personalized communication: We equipped agents with the tools and techniques to tailor their responses to individual customer needs.
  • Active listening: Agents learned to actively listen to customer concerns and respond in a way that demonstrates understanding and empathy.

Spaced Learning for Optimal Results

The training program was spread out over three months. This “spaced learning” approach allowed Telkom KE’s contact centre team to internalize the new skills, apply them in real-world scenarios, and provide us with feedback.

Great Result

The results of the training program were impressive. Telkom KE’s contact centre team transformed from delivering robotic interactions to providing natural, organic, and personalized communication on social media platforms. Customers now feel valued and more likely to engage with the brand. Additionally, Telkom KE improved significantly in turnaround time and first interaction resolution. This translates to a more efficient and satisfying customer service experience overall.

This case study demonstrates the power of targeted training in enhancing call centre and customer support interactions on social media platforms. By investing in their team’s skills, Telkom KE cultivated a more positive and engaging customer experience on social media.


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