Digital Marketing


The Chief Marketing Officer for Small and Medium Enterprises

Africa 118, through Infomoby Business East Africa's first digital business agency that provides complete digital solutions SMEs in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. Building onto our data and directory services, we started providing simple, yet world class websites for SMEs who wouldn't otherwise afford such websites. To provide a fully integrated service, we then started providing specialized digital marketing services.

Our driving force is the challenge to ensure our clients have the most effective exposure online, in this digital age. We merge our clients' user needs and business goals to achieve transformational digital business outcomes.

Imagine having a website that is beautifully designed, is easy to use and your customers love it. Imagine receiving calls and emails every day from potential customers who found you through targeted online marketing? This is what we do.

We are as affordable as a freelancer, yet as reliable as an agency in quality and throughput.

Digital Starter Pack

Building business online and mobile presence with the perfect solution for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Booster Pack

Effective Digital Marketing Services to boost sales and help our clients achieve success marketing online

Social Media

Professional management of social media to engage business customers and build vibrant brands.