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Africa 118 Uganda is a leading information services company dedicated to providing comprehensive and up-to-date business data solutions in Uganda. With our extensive database and cutting-edge technology, we help businesses make informed decisions, improve their marketing strategies, and connect with their target audience more effectively.

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Business Directory

We offer a comprehensive online business directory that includes detailed information on a wide range of industries and businesses operating in Uganda. Our directory allows users to search for specific businesses, browse by category, and access key contact details and other relevant information.

Business Listings Management

We provide businesses with the tools and resources to manage their online presence effectively. Our platform enables businesses to update and maintain accurate business listings across various online directories, ensuring consistent and reliable information for potential customers.

Digital Advertising Solutions

We offer targeted digital advertising solutions to help businesses reach their desired audience and maximize their online visibility. Through strategic placement and precise targeting, we ensure that your brand and messaging reach the right customers at the right time.

Data Services

Our data services provide businesses with valuable insights and analytics to support their decision-making processes. We collect, analyze, and present data on market trends, customer behavior, and industry benchmarks, helping businesses identify growth opportunities and optimize their operations.

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