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Africa 118 was founded in 2010 to solve a critical information gap: 85% of mobile customers surveyed in a major African city claimed to have difficulty finding accurate information for the local businesses and services they were looking for. Furthermore, less than 5% of the businesses we surveyed had any online presence making it difficult for them to be found. We have developed world-class solutions for both consumers and local businesses to solve these problems.


The most reliable voice, online and mobile services to help mobile consumers find the local business they are looking for.We’re focused on giving Africa the best local information for all neighbourhoods, through local websites, mobile apps and call-in solutions
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Digital Marketing

Get noticed, get found. As a business, are you taking advantage of consumer traffic both online and offline? By leveraging the power of our digital marketing solutions and network we help businesses engage their customers, reach new audiences and ultimately attract clients.
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With East Africa’s largest database of competitive business information from all industries, Africa 118 provides clients with vast amounts of data for many purposes. Africa 118 is set up to provide data sets to suit your needs.

our corporate strategy

  • Building the most comprehensive and accurate database of local business information in Africa

  • Offering African small and medium enterprises with the most cost-effective digital services to reach their target audiences

  • Offering African mobile consumers with the most effective products to find the local businesses the need to find.


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