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A Web Developer with a Passion for Culinary Adventures and Digital Solutions

Meet James Karenju, a web developer and technical support specialist at Africa 118 Inc. When James isn’t navigating the intricate world of code, he’s embarking on culinary adventures. His passion for travel stems from the need to learn and embrace diversity. He believes creativity, whether crafting innovative digital solutions or concocting culinary masterpieces, knows no boundaries. His adventurous spirit and meticulous attention to detail are evident in everything he does. 

Here is his story:

Tell us about yourself: 

I am a passionate and experienced web developer and technical support specialist. With a web development and technical support background, I deeply understand digital solutions’ creative and technical aspects.

What is your role at Africa 118 Inc.? 

As a web developer and technical support specialist at Africa 118 Inc., I play a dual role in ensuring our digital marketing solutions’ seamless operation and maintenance while providing exceptional technical support to our clients.

I’m responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the company’s websites, web applications, and other digital marketing tools. I use my front-end and back-end technology expertise to create engaging, user-friendly interfaces and robust back-end systems that support our clients’ marketing campaigns.

What is your experience developing websites and web applications, especially at Africa 118 Inc.?

I develop websites and applications tailored to the African market. My experience involves considering factors such as mobile-first design, accessibility for low-bandwidth connections, and localisation for different languages and cultural contexts.

My experience at Africa 118 Inc. has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of web development in the African context.

How do you ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices in your web development work?

I adhere to strict web standards, prioritise security and data protection, optimise performance, and embrace responsive design. Additionally, I engage in continuous learning to ensure that all projects meet the highest industry standards for quality, security, accessibility, and performance.

What was your favourite project, and how did you approach it?

One project that particularly stands out is the Digital Launchpad initiative. This project aimed to empower African entrepreneurs and elevate the digital presence of African businesses. I was part of a team that developed over 3,000 optimised websites for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) across the continent.

What are the most significant challenges of building websites?

Website development presents many challenges, including staying ahead of evolving technologies, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, and optimising performance. However, I’ve learnt that constantly staying ahead of ever-evolving technology, Comprehensive testing and using different tools and techniques for optimal performance can help overcome these challenges.

What emerging trends in web development do you find most exciting?

The future of web development excites me with its promise of AI-powered personalisation, immersive AR/VR experiences, voice-controlled interfaces, enhanced accessibility, and sophisticated cybersecurity measures. These advancements will transform the web into a more personalised, immersive, accessible, and secure space.

What hobbies do you pursue to achieve a better work-life balance?

Travelling has always been a passion of mine, as it allows me to explore new cultures and broaden my perspective on the world. On the other hand, Cooking offers a meditative and therapeutic experience. Experimenting with different cuisines is a form of artistic expression that brings me immense satisfaction. 

How did you know about Africa 118 Inc., and what attracted you to the company?

I learned about Africa 118 Inc. while actively searching for internship opportunities after completing my college education. I came across a fantastic internship opportunity at Africa 118 during this time. The prospect of gaining valuable experience in the digital space attracted me to the company, which was instrumental in kick-starting my career.

Working at an agency like Africa 118 particularly appealed to me because it offered me the chance to work in a dynamic and multifaceted environment. 

In essence, Africa 118 Inc. was an ideal place to embark on my professional journey as a web developer due to the unique combination of learning opportunities, the dynamic nature of agency work, and the chance to work in a fast-evolving digital space. The company was a perfect match for my post-campus aspirations, and I was eager to be a part of the team to learn, grow, and contribute to the company’s success.

What is your favourite car and why? 

Regarding cars, my heart belongs to the Land Rover Defender. Its iconic design, rugged capabilities, and rich heritage make it an exceptional vehicle that stands out. It’s a car that embodies adventure, resilience, and a spirit of exploration, resonating deeply with my personality and values.

What is the best thing about being a part of the Africa 118 Inc. team?

The company’s vibrant and collaborative culture is the most fulfilling aspect of working at Africa 118 Inc. Again, The company fosters a supportive environment that encourages continuous learning, professional growth, and the pursuit of innovative ideas. Being part of a team that makes a tangible difference in the world and contributes to developing the African digital landscape is profoundly motivating and rewarding.

What’s your favorite quote

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein.

-Keep Learning! You won’t learn overnight, but won’t know if you quit.

To learn more about Africa 118 Inc., visit LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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