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Demystifying Customer Service Excellence: A Q&A with Moses Luvonga

Get ready to conquer customer service challenges with Moses Luvonga, the mastermind behind Africa 118 Inc.’s thriving support system. This ardent Arsenal fan and travel enthusiast isn’t just about cheering from the sidelines – he’s here to guide you through building a customer-centric culture, harnessing tech for streamlined support, and transforming every interaction into a powerful growth opportunity.

Here is his story:

Tell us about yourself-

My passion fuels my role as a team leader in the dynamic world of customer service: I’m driven by understanding business needs, empowering my team to become trusted advisors, and implementing innovative solutions that turn call centres into proactive partners. Witnessing businesses thrive with our support is the music to my ears.

What unique vision do you have for crafting exceptional customer service for SMEs across Africa? 

At Africa 118, we see technology as a powerful tool, not just for quick responses, but for building genuine connections and solving problems. Imagine friendly AI assistants offering 24/7 support, multilingual chatbots understanding local dialects, and mobile apps providing personalized recommendations. That’s the future of customer service we’re striving for, and we’re excited to see it unfold across Africa!

How does your call centre team personalize support and cater to diverse business needs in Africa?

Our team believes that Recognising and understanding the diverse cultural landscape across Africa is crucial. We therefore have a multilingual call centre team that enables us to offer personalized interactions to our customers wherever they are in Africa. We have agents that speak Yoruba, Portuguese, and even Amharic, just to mention a few.

How does your team stay ahead of the curve to offer support to clients? 

Data is our secret weapon! We believe in the power of data analytics, understanding that it offers valuable insights beyond mere numbers. That’s why we have a dedicated smart data department that analyzes customer trends and provides us with invaluable insights. This allows us to anticipate customer needs and proactively tailor our services to perfectly match their expectations.  

SMEs often have misconceptions about digital marketing. How do you build trust right from the start?

At Africa 118 Inc., we prioritize fostering strong, personal relationships with our clients. This commitment goes beyond the “feel-good” factor, serving as the cornerstone for understanding each client’s unique needs and challenges. Ditching the “one-size-fits-all” approach, we tailor our business solutions recognizing that a client’s success is their success. 

How do you empower your team to become trusted digital marketing advisors for SMEs? 

We believe every client deserves a unique approach. That’s why we go beyond generic strategies and focus on understanding your specific needs, goals, and challenges. Our team is trained to actively listen and ask the right questions, ensuring your voice is heard. We then tailor our recommendations to fit your business like a glove, not a size-too-small solution.

What specific skills and qualities do you seek when recruiting call centre agents? 

When it comes to building our call centre team, finding the right people isn’t just about ticking boxes on a resume. Sure, we want agents who are tech-savvy and quick learners. But what truly sets us apart is our focus on empathy and patience.

These qualities aren’t something you can just teach. They’re part of who someone is. That’s why we look for people who naturally possess that genuine desire to help and connect with others.

What unique challenges does serving SMEs present for your call centre team? 

Working with SMEs in our call centre is nothing short of an adventure! However, there are challenges:

Facing High Expectations: Let’s be honest, even with smaller budgets, SMEs often come to us with big dreams and sky-high expectations. It’s challenging, but also invigorating! It pushes us to be creative, find cost-effective solutions, and truly deliver exceptional service that punches above its weight.

Embracing Diversity: No two days are the same! From quirky startups to established family businesses, the sheer variety of industries and needs among SMEs keeps our team on their toes. It’s like a constant puzzle, figuring out the unique language and nuances of each client to offer the best possible support.

Share a personal story highlighting the human impact your call centre team has on African businesses

Let me tell you about Mr. Ezekiel and his incredible journey with Echosat Electronics. It all started with a struggle. He was juggling everything himself, trying to run his electronics business and expand his customer base while dealing with the complexities of getting DSTV connections for his clients. It was a tough grind, and he knew he needed help.

That’s where one of our amazing call centre heroes comes in. This agent wasn’t just someone answering questions; they were a supportive partner who took the time to truly understand Ezekiel’s situation, his dreams, and his challenges. They didn’t just offer generic advice; they saw the potential in Echosat Electronics and tailored a strategy using Google Business Profiles to reach new customers.

Remember, Ezekiel was a one-man show. Our agent went the extra mile, helping him create a professional one-pager showcasing his business and ensuring everything was verified. And guess what? It worked! Echosat Electronics started attracting attention, traffic grew, and soon, Ezekiel had not one, but seven locations! He even hired a team to keep up with the demand.

But our story doesn’t end there. As Echosat Electronics thrived, Ezekiel came back to us. He needed help managing his growing empire, and our call centre was there again. We provided him with a centralized dashboard, allowing him to monitor all seven branches at a glance.

Can you offer a glimpse into the future of customer service for SMEs? What trends or innovations excite you? 

I foresee Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation becoming more sophisticated, capable of handling complex inquiries, personalizing interactions, and even predicting customer needs.

These technologies will continue to grow and play a significant role in customer service for SMEs.

On work-life balance, what are your hobbies? 

Well, let me introduce you to two of my biggest passions: my amazing daughters and the beautiful Arsenal Football Club!

Spending time with my girls is pure joy. Whether it’s building forts, reading stories, or just giggling away, those moments fill my heart with warmth and laughter. They remind me of what truly matters – family, connection, and creating happy memories.

As a die-hard Arsenal fan, watching the team play is my ultimate stress reliever. The thrill of witnessing their skilful moves, the agony of missed goals (let’s be honest, it happens!), and the shared joy of victories – it’s an emotional rollercoaster I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

But my adventures don’t stop there. I’m an explorer at heart, and I’ve conquered all but three Kenyan counties – Marsabit, Turkana, and Wajir. These are next on my bucket list, and I can’t wait to discover their hidden gems.

What inspires you as the call centre manager at Africa 118 Inc.?

Making a Positive Impact- I’m motivated by the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our SME clients, our team members, and the communities we serve. Knowing that our work helps businesses thrive and provides valuable services to individuals inspires me to strive for excellence every day.

What is your favourite Quote? 

“Chezea mshahara,usicheze na kazi”

What’s your advice for SMEs looking to improve their customer service and build stronger client relationships? 

Consistent quality service is like magic for building strong client relationships, especially for SMEs where every interaction counts.

Remember, good customer service isn’t a cost, it’s an investment in building relationships that drive loyalty and growth. So, go out there, connect with your clients, and show them why they made the right choice in choosing you!

To learn more about Africa 118 Inc., visit LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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