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Empowering SMEs for Online Success through Technology

 In this captivating instalment of trendsetter stories, we shine the spotlight on Joseph Orwa, the exceptional regional project manager at Africa 118 Inc. With his unwavering drive as a self-driven IT Specialist, Joseph has embarked on an incredible journey at the forefront of computing, networking, and system administration.

We sat down with Joseph to get a glimpse of his remarkable achievements and how he is making waves in the tech industry. This is a story of determination, passion, and trailblazing success that you won’t want to miss!

Tell us about yourself

I am a self-driven IT Specialist with a passion for computing, networking, and system administration. I excel in customer service, computer networking, hardware and software management, and implementing effective problem-solving strategies. I have a demonstrated ability to integrate technology solutions that optimize efficiency, save costs, and streamline operations.

Can you summarize your role and current projects as the regional project manager at Africa 118?

As a regional project manager for Africa 118, I oversee special projects across six markets that help SMEs adopt technology for a competitive online presence. These projects also improve customer service and satisfaction. One impactful ongoing project is Digital LaunchPad (DLP), which has benefited over 3,000 SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa, creating quality jobs and improving lives.

On work-life balance, what are your hobbies?

I have a passion for computing, particularly computer networking. I enjoy spending time on my PC, playing around with Cisco Packet Tracer to design and troubleshoot complex networks, including simulated hacking scenarios. Additionally, I have a love for singing and on Sundays, you can find me serving at church.

How did you know about Africa 118 Inc. and what attracted you to the company?

I first encountered Africa 118 Inc. in 2017 while working at Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT). During my time there, Africa 118 Inc. partnered with DOT to implement the Google Digital Skills Program. I played a role in implementing this project. What drew me to Africa 118 Inc. was their commitment to ICT and technological solutions. This alignment with technology-driven projects resonated with my passion for using technology to streamline business processes.

What do you love most about working at Africa 118 Inc?

Africa 118 Inc. is a company that embraces a youthful and open-minded culture, where individuals are encouraged to learn, take on new challenges, and pursue their dreams. The company provides an environment that nurtures and supports this growth mindset.

What are your main challenges in managing projects across multiple African countries?

One of the main challenges I’ve faced is managing team members across various markets, many of whom I’ve only interacted with through video conferences. Each team member brings their unique talents and perspectives, and it is crucial to actively listen to their viewpoints and align them with the team’s objectives. Additionally, dealing with time differences can be demanding, often requiring me to work extended hours to provide support to team members in different time zones.

Can you share a successful project you managed in the region and its key contributing factors?

Digital Launchpad Project(DLP)

Despite the challenges and COVID restrictions, we successfully mobilized over 3000 SMEs to participate in the program. We provided training on Digital Skills and Financial Literacy Skills, listed them in Google Business Profiles, and developed websites for each of them, including running Google Ads. Throughout this process, we built a strong and diverse team that now includes content creators, digital marketers, trainers, and business coaches. The results demonstrate the positive impact of the project. Each business was able to hire between 2-3 more people as a result. Additionally, 87% of participants reported improved skills, and 58% reported a significant 23% increase in revenue.

What qualities or skills does Africa 118 Inc. seek in project manager candidates?

Project management skills, Team Management, ICT Skills, a good communicator and robust presentation skills.

What solutions does Africa 118 Inc. offer across Africa?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Call Centre Services
  • Smart Data Services.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Training and Special Projects.

What is your favourite quote?

Keep on Moving: Persist in Progress, for without motion, change remains dormant.

To learn more about Africa 118 Inc. visit:  LinkedInFacebookTwitter 

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