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Boosting Visibility: Empowering African Businesses Online

Meet Stephano Mmari………A man of many talents. Behind his impressive coding skills and expertise lies a fascinating individual with an appetite for adrenaline-pumping movies and TV series in the genres of action, crime, and investigative. When he’s not busy crafting exceptional websites, you might just find him immersed in captivating storylines that keep him glued to the screen.

However, Stephano’s adventures don’t stop there; he also possesses a remarkable talent for table tennis, showcasing his agility and competitiveness on the court. Join us as we delve into the mind of this multifaceted developer, discovering how his passions shape his creativity and drive for innovation.

What is your role at Africa 118 Inc., and what are your primary responsibilities in this position?

Leading the website development team across the region ( Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana & Rwanda). In this role apart from leading the team, I do roll up my sleeves and develop websites both as self-assigned and supporting the team when they need my help as well.

Can you share your experience in developing websites and web applications, particularly in the context of Africa 118 Inc?

Africa 118 has allowed me to work with a wide spectrum of clients in different industries. This has given me an understanding of many professions, and industry sectors, but also given me a great perspective of what different industries might need as a website solution.

How do you ensure that the websites and web applications you develop comply with industry standards and best practices?

I use the latest programming technologies, emerging technologies, and creative design trends. This industry is ever-evolving and we need to keep updated with what’s new and adapt to it.

Tell us about a challenging web development project you’ve worked on at Africa 118 Inc. and how you overcame the obstacles encountered.

Digital Launchpad Project – Developing over 3000 websites for SMBs across Africa. I joined the company when this project had just begun, and thrown into the deep end of things, I had to work with a small team whose output was small. Week in and week out we were delivering low numbers. We finally decided to hire freelancers who would be measured on the delivery of websites. The output drastically increased and we were able to deliver 3000 websites by the first quarter of the 2 years of the program.

How do you ensure the seamless integration of web development efforts into the overall business strategy of Africa 118 Inc?

A customer-centric approach is the main thing I keep in mind when dealing with other teams. Satisfying the client should always be our goal. Creating an open and clear communication line with the teams. Proper needs analysis and requirements gathering from the clients so that we can deliver what they want. Process flow adherence. We have a process flow that we created with all the teams involved so that we have a structure that we follow when handling projects.

On work-life balance, what are your hobbies?

I like watching movies  & TV series (Action, Crime, Investigative) and I play Table tennis.

How did you know about Africa 118 Inc. and what attracted you to the company?

An ex-employee recommended me to an open role and I applied for it. What we do – Providing digital solutions, is something I relate to since I have been in the tech space for many years now. The working culture also attracted me, being able to work with different teams, share experiences and have an open-table way of dealing with projects.

Can you share a story about a time when you made a significant impact on an individual customer’s experience, and how it affected you personally?

The 2 developers we currently have in the team, are Isa and James. They were from the Call Center and IT support departments respectively. Although they had distinct roles, they both shared a common curiosity and passion for website development. Little did they know that their journey into the world of web development would be an inspiring tale of mentorship and personal growth.

I took them on an apprenticeship, they got to learn a lot about website development, coding, and design and I supported them throughout their journey thus far in becoming the developers they are. This inspired me because once someone also allowed me to build and grow and it’s just right for me to do the same for someone else.

What are the solutions that Africa 118 Inc. is providing across Africa?

Website Development.

Digital Marketing.

Call Center Services.

Smart Data Services.

Taskmoby Services.

Smart Location Services.

Digital Presence Pack.

What do you love most about working at Africa 118 Inc?

Africa118 has allowed me to grow, be creative, and gain a lot of knowledge and skills in digital marketing dealing with clients as opposed to just being in the back developing websites, proving how impactful my work is to the clients we serve.

What lasting impression do you want people to have when they think of you?

Clockwork philosophy – As a team player your movement will always affect the movement of another team member (Piece). We should always strive to move in the right direction.

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