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Meet the Tech Titan Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Josiah Njenga!

We’re shining the spotlight on Josiah Njenga, our Lead ICT Officer and Technical Support Specialist extraordinaire! Josiah is the wizard who keeps our digital engines purring, our websites loading at lightning speed, and our clients smiling.

Here is his story:

As Lead ICT Officer, what’s your vision for Africa 118 Inc.’s technological infrastructure?

To build a robust, agile, and future-proof ICT infrastructure that seamlessly supports Africa 118 Inc.’s digital marketing strategy. This means using cutting-edge technology, optimising workflows, and ensuring data security.

How do you manage and collaborate with different teams within Africa 118 Inc. to ensure seamless technology integration into their workflows?

I collaborate closely with different teams to understand their needs and integrate technology solutions that improve their efficiency and effectiveness. This includes training, communication, and feedback loops.

Considering the agency’s reliance on digital data, what measures do you implement to ensure robust cybersecurity and data protection?

We implement data encryption, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits to safeguard sensitive information. We also educate employees on best practices.

How do you stay ahead in adopting new technologies and tools that can benefit Africa 118 Inc.’s operations and client services?

I actively research and evaluate emerging technologies to identify those that can benefit the agency. This involves attending conferences, networking with industry experts, and piloting new tools.

What are the agency’s employees and clients’ most common technical challenges, and how do you effectively troubleshoot them?

Typical issues include password resets, software glitches, and connectivity problems. We address these through self-service resources, remote troubleshooting tools, and efficient support channels.

How do you proactively maintain the agency’s IT infrastructure to minimise downtime and prevent major technical issues?

We use monitoring tools, automated backups, and regular system updates to prevent major issues and minimize downtime.

What initially drew you to the field of ICT, and what keeps you passionate about it within a digital marketing agency?

My passion for ICT comes from its power to solve problems, improve efficiency, and drive innovation. In a digital marketing agency, it’s exciting to see how technology enhances the agency’s ability to reach and engage audiences.

What are the most essential skills and knowledge areas for someone aspiring to excel in a similar role?

Strong technical knowledge, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and an understanding of digital marketing are key.

How do you manage the demands of your role while maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Prioritization, delegation, and setting boundaries are crucial. Utilizing automation and flexible work arrangements can also help.

What advice would you give young professionals interested in pursuing a career in IT, particularly within the digital marketing sphere?

Stay curious, keep learning new technologies, network with experts, and seek opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

In your view, how will the evolution of technology and ICT infrastructure continue to shape the future of the digital marketing landscape?

AI, automation, personalization, and immersive experiences will shape the future of marketing, and ICT will play a critical role in enabling these advancements.

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