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Nelly Aura- Implementing Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

From a tender age, Nelly Aura had a strong passion for Digital Marketing! Her pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement is deeply ingrained in a strong work ethic. In this edition of Trendsetter Stories, we highlight Nelly’s story and her love for rap music that acts as a drive towards betterment and excellence. 

Here is her story:

Can you tell us about Yourself

My name is Nelly Aura. People fondly call me NA. I have to always choose between Nelly and NA. I am a trained Digital marketing professional with vast experience in developing marketing strategies geared towards growth and success. I believe 3 words describe me; consistent, aggressive and intuitive. 

What is your role at Africa 118 Inc.? 

I am a Digital Marketing Executive at Africa 118 Inc. My role involves developing and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies that enhance brand visibility, engage target audiences, and drive measurable results. My experience encompasses a wide range of digital marketing channels, including social media management and marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising.  

What attracted you to the Digital Marketing industry? 

From an early stage, I was captivated by the transformative power of the digital realm. Witnessing how digital strategies could propel businesses forward and connect them with a global audience fascinated me.

The blend of creativity and analytical thinking in digital marketing was a major draw. It’s an industry where data and creativity work hand in hand. Analyzing data to understand consumer behaviour and using that insight to craft innovative strategies that resonate with the audience is both an art and a science.

What Motivates you to do your best?

My primary motivation to consistently strive for my best stems from my desire to make a positive impact and drive meaningful change. Knowing that my efforts can contribute to the betterment of a project, team, or organization energizes me every day.

The pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement is deeply ingrained in my work ethic. I believe that we are constantly evolving, and there’s always room to grow and enhance our skills and abilities. This belief drives me to seek new challenges, learn from experiences, and aim for higher standards in everything I do.

What are some of your key accomplishments at Africa 118 Inc?

I am proud to be part of a team that is continuously striving to empower SMEs in Africa. So, when I look back at my accomplishments at Africa 118 Inc., I always realize that were it not for the diversity and teamwork I would have nothing to celebrate about. Anyway to answer the question, some of my achievements include:

  • Developing and executing lead generation campaigns that result in a substantial increase in qualified leads for SMEs in Africa. 
  • I was part of the team that designed and executed social media campaigns for our Digital Presence Pack that amplifies the digital footprint of businesses in Africa.  

Briefly tell us about the big shift to Digital in Africa. 

The shift to digital marketing in Africa has been substantial, driven by several factors like increased internet penetration, rapid smartphone adoption, social media influence and a youthful demographic. Again, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for digital solutions, with businesses shifting their operations online. So, we should expect more investment in digital infrastructure by African governments in the coming years. 

What are some of the qualities of a good digital marketer?

A good digital marketer should have the ability to quickly adapt to changes, new technologies, trends, and shifts in the digital landscape. Moreover, an exemplary touch of creativity, communication skills, strategic planning and customer-centric focus should be in their portfolio.

What is your favourite music?

My strong affection for trap music is unparalleled. I love listening to new music and Nicki Minaj is my favourite rapper/artist.

On Work-Life balance, what are your Hobbies?

I am a fun-loving person, with a strong passion for bowling and zip-lining. Any outside activities I am down for.

What do you like most about working at Africa 118 Inc.? 

Every day, there is something new to learn at Africa 118 Inc. Digital Marketing is a broad spectrum that offers a lot of new things to learn, especially with the sudden discovery of how technology can help business owners.

What’s your advice for businesses across Africa? 

The digital world is the way to go. Traditional marketing is now outdated. All business owners should, at least, have an online presence. In their monthly/yearly budget, they should allocate a small amount of money for online marketing. Let’s go digital!

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