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Rolex Gitonga-Telling Stories Through Graphic Design & Concepts

Meet Rolex Gitonga our Lead Graphic designer at Africa 118 Inc.! In this edition of Trendsetter Stories, we feature his inspiring story of providing world-class digital marketing services to our clients through graphic design and creative concepts.

Here is his story:

Tell us about Yourself

My name is  Rolex Gitonga Kingori. I am a trained professional with over 7 years of experience in the digital marketing, branding, Experience and interface design industries. Additionally, I love the art of storytelling through visuals and creative concepts. 

Why did you choose graphic design as a career? 

Graphic design allows me to showcase creativity and communicate my ideas visually. Again, I am always tasked with something new daily. This allows me to work in all sorts of different mediums and on all kinds of different projects. Whether it’s a new marketing strategy or interface design there are bound to be new, exciting challenges every day. 

How do you approach designing concepts for clients across Africa?

Graphic design concepts require a lot of research, creativity, and cultural sensitivity. I approach this by following these 4 crucial steps: 

  • Understanding the client’s goals, needs, and expectations.
  • Understanding the Target Market 
  • Brainstorming: This allows me to think critically and share ideas with peers.
  • Finally, developing initial ideas for the design is key to crafting the best concept 

What should be a designer’s priority while creating a design?

By understanding the needs and expectations of the end-user and their intended purpose, designers can create designs that truly meet their needs and enhance user experience. I believe designers should always prioritize functionality over aesthetics in every design process. 

What are some of the key projects you have handled at Africa 118 Inc?

I was part of the team that designed the new Africa 118. Inc Website. This was a key milestone in my portfolio since we are a leading Digital Marketing Agency that provides innovative marketing solutions to SMEs across Africa. The new website is a secure design that comes with a clear purpose, quality content, Outstanding UX and UI and Great performance.

How do you continuously handle customer feedback? 

At Africa 118 Inc., the customer always comes first. Therefore, feedback is key to customer satisfaction as well as self-improvement. Sometimes clients will request for multiple revisions of their projects within a stipulated time frame. It is our responsibility to handle this feedback positively and deliver according to their requirements.  

What is the quality that sets graphic designers apart from one another?

The ability to produce quality work within tight deadlines and to the client’s satisfaction. There is no definitive answer to what should be a designer’s priority while creating a design, as different designers may have different approaches, styles, and preferences. 

What are your preferred tools in the execution of your job?

I prefer Adobe Suite Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects & Premiere Pro. These tools come with accessible templates, dedicated image databases, and collaborative tools. 

On Work-Life balance, what are your Hobbies?

I love hiking, travelling, nature walks, and hanging out with my family.

What do you like most about working at Africa 118 Inc?

Africa 118 Inc. is a dynamic company that upholds diversity and personal growth. With a footprint in more than 5 African markets, the company provides the opportunity to learn from different cultures across various African countries. I also admire the Teamwork as well as the internal Continuous Learning & Development

What is your favourite TV show? 

Currently, I am watching One Piece”. This is a riveting Mini-series by Eiichiro Oda which capitalizes perfectly on the art of storytelling, world-building, characterization and humour.  

To learn more about Africa 118 Inc. visit:  LinkedInFacebookTwitter

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